Fancy & Trend’s wood print water transfer printing decoration for cosmetic packaging

Water Transfer Printing, or hydrographic, is a method of decorating three dimensional surfaces. What makes this useful and unique, is that it can be applied to a wide range of different types of surface, including objects of many different sizes.

Seeing the benefits, Fancy & Trend takes cosmetic jar, lip stick container, mascara bottle, eyeshadow palette, and face powder compact to be decorated with its wood print water transfer printing.

The wood print makes all the different packaging components to be in-line with a natural theme. Compared with other methods (screen printing, powder coating, hand painting) of decorating three dimensional items, water transfer printing is highly versatile and cost effective.

FT-LS0815 FT-MA1500 FT-PC2022 FT-PC2030 FT-PC2033 FT-PC2040 FT-PJ0273