Liquid Eyeliner Packaging in Distinctive Shapes

Fancy & Trend adds more double-ended cosmetic packaging selections for face, eyes, and lips
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Liquid Eyeliner Packaging in Distinctive Shapes


Fancy¬†& Trend has created a number of new packaging designs for liquid eyeliner products in distinctive shapes. One particularly worthy mention is a “wine bottle” shape.

Made with a PETG or SAN bottle, these distinctive designs are compatible with cosmetic formulae and ensure the product is maintained in premium condition until its expiry date.

Take a look at the eye-catching forms available!

FT-EL0842 FT-EL1280 FT-EL1306 FT-EL1312 FT-EL1362 FT-EL1382 FT-EL1385 FT-EL1388 FT-EL1395 FT-EL1403 FT-EL1405 FT-EL1408