Eyeliner Pack Decorated in Color Gradation

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Eyeliner Pack Decorated in Color Gradation


Fancy & Trend introduces gradation decoration for its eyeliner pack. The packaging closure is injection in black ABS plastic, then added a thin layer of color coat on the top of the component surface.


The eyeliner packaging features a transparent SAN bottle. It glows with the think-walled component and reveals product colors inside out. The packaging comes with a super fine eyeliner sponge tip that is made to define precise eyeliner. The closure with long bar enables users to enjoy the makeup experience with steady and effortlessly process.


There are 4 different styles for selection:

FT-EL1526 has a rigged bottle shape of 4 ml capacity.

FT-EL1527 has thick-walled bottle design of 4 ml capacity.

FT-EL1528 features a raised base on the bottom of bottle with 4 ml capacity.

FT-EL1529 has a thick-walled and heavy-based bottle design that is of 3 ml capacity.

FT-EL1526 FT-EL1527 FT-EL1528 FT-EL1529