Fancy & Trend’s New Magnetic Compacts

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Heart-Shaped Makeup Stick Packaging
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Fancy & Trend’s New Magnetic Compacts


The new magnetic compacts feature classic square shape with round corners.

These makeup compacts are elegant in style, and are absolutely convenient design  for users. With numerous decoration options available, Fancy and Trend provides customization service to achieve special project requirements.

Decoration options:

  • Mold texturing: Texturing of Plastic Injection Mold adds a special branding and artisitic visual effect on component surface.
  • Metalization: The treatment adds a layer of metallic sheer on plastic objects.
  • Silk Screen printing: A common technique that is usually applied on objects for branding or imagery design.
  • Matte Finish or Soft Touch treatment: The treatment adds a nice and warm touch on the plastic object.
  • UV coating: It is a further protection to be added on top of other decoration.

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