Heart-Shaped Makeup Stick Packaging

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Heart-Shaped Makeup Stick Packaging

  • The two new heart-shaped stick packaging that are built for cosmetic products can be featured as blusher, makeup foundation, and lipstick. Both packaging components are made of ABS, a plastic type that has been vastly utilized for most commodities that required exquisite decoration and surface treatment.


    Push-up Stick Container (ref.: FT-FS0096)

    It features a push-up mechanism, and requires hot-pouring filled from the top of the reservoir. This packaging type is mostly used for blusher, concealer, or makeup foundation.


    Twist-up Stick Container (ref.: FT-LS0873)

    It adopts a standard lipstick bullet barrel to hold product.

FT-FS0096 FT-LS0873